Monday, September 13, 2010

I am unforgettable

After the Bedlam of the London trip, I thought that I would come back to a relaxed laid-back Durban, not so!  The editing of the DVD is going really well and should be ready for the Photo and Film expo, but some really exciting news is that my book has landed in NY and I will have copies available in JHB for the expo.  On another note I just received my copy of Nikon Pro Magazine - I wrote a small piece on the state of the industry and it is featured in the mag - how amazing is that!

Nikon have used one of my pics in their - "I am" campaign, this is seriously the biggest highlight of my career!  Thank you to all at Nikon!

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  1. Hey Brett well done bud you can be insanely proud of your achievements to date and someoine we can all look up too and learn from.
    Stuart Dods