Thursday, March 10, 2011

This has been an amazing week! Yesterday I had a fantastic interview with Scott Sheppard from Nik Radio, we chatted in depth about so many different topics – The interview will be available on iTunes next week some time. I then had a Skype call with Hayo Baan from the Nikonians Academy in Europe, he has asked me to head up all their European Wedding Workshops for the Academy.  I am really excited about the potential of workshops throughout Europe. To Top it all off there was a piece on the Wonderbra shoot on National TV this morning!

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  1. Hi Brett - Thank you SO much for the Nik Radio interview. What a great story and your enthusiasm for your craft is undeniable! I just listened to a pre-release version of the show and it turned out amazing!

    Thanks again for your inspiration and insights! Kevin (from Nik)