Monday, January 3, 2011

Shooting in December's rainy season!!

December was a very challenging month weather wise. Although we have longer days there are often late afternoon showers and then there's extreme humidity, wreaking havoc with make-up and senses of humour. I shot a great wedding at Tala where the rain was threatening all day and finally arrived just before the ceremony.... Shooting the Bridal party after the ceremony proved to be tricky, but thanks to the Ranger I managed to pull it off. Whilst setting up for the shoot I realised that I had left one of my Pocket Wizzards back in the studio. I managed to trigger the Ranger with my SB900 but battled when I wanted to use it as backlighting as line of sight was an issue. Sam my assistant suggested using my other SB900 as the "Middle Man", this image was the first shot from the test - the bride was ecstatic and I was relieved and amazed at the result - Thanks Sam!

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